Puzzle Solving


Its incredible to think that such a simple looking cube can be such a mind boggling task to put back together once it has been dismantled.
The Bedlam Cube has a staggering 19186 solutions!

I have put together some links and information which you will find below in order show you how to solve this difficult and at times frustrating but fun puzzle.

There are other puzzles available that are similar to the Bedlam Cube and you can find information and solutions to these using the above menu. 

Anyways, on with the solutions on how to solve the Bedlam Cube, remember, these are a few of the 19186 solutions possible, can you find a new way of solving it?

Here are two of the best video solutions i found on youtube :-

The following Bedlam Cube solver gives you a colour coordinated diagram of the Bedlam Cube where you can view a number of solutions.
Check it out here --->

Now for some really mind blowing stuff, this guy has created software which calculates all 19186 solutions along with a mathematical explanations!
Check it out here --->